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Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows are the perfect solution for industrial or commercial projects where there is a need to minimise the amount of noise disturbance inside a building.

Product information

Depending on the internal decibel levels required, we can install commercial acoustic windows which are specifically designed to reduce all types of noise.

It doesn't matter whether your project is next to an airport, under a flight path, close to a road or in a city-centre location which is more likely to suffer from anti-social behaviour, commercial soundproof windows are proven to provide peace and harmony.

Having gained almost 50 years' experience in the construction sector, EYG Commercial works closely with the biggest and best commercial glazing manufacturers in the UK and only uses the best sound proof glass which is guaranteed to reduce any noise complaints.

Using the latest glass technology, our commercial soundproof windows dampen the decibels which enter a property to curtail the intensity of a sound wave. By calculating and understanding the different decibel levels which your building will be exposed to, we can use two different thicknesses of soundproof glass to help restore peace and quiet. If required, the windows can also be Secured by Design approved.

Having delivered large-scale glazing projects on time and budget since 1975, EYG Commercial can be trusted to supply and install windows of any size, scale or style. The accoustic glazing solutions we provided for the Premier Inn hotel at Heathrow airport in early 2017 is a perfect example of what we can offer.

With a 100/100 Experian credit rating score and the ability to absorb large outlay costs, we have the flexibility to work on schemes almost anywhere in the UK.

For a free on-site consultation with one of our contract managers, please call 01482 561101 we will be happy to discuss the best soundproof windows option for your scheme.

Soundproof Windows
Soundproof Windows
Soundproof Windows
Soundproof Windows

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