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75 Years Trading

Environmental Policy

The environment and recycling is important to us

EYG Commercial is fully committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We also encourage our suppliers and clients to do as much as they can to minimise waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our recycling promise

  • We always use sustainable building materials where possible.
  • All UPVC is thermoplastic – which can be repeatedly melted and reformed.
  • Encourage use of aluminium - which has average recycling rate of 95%
  • All timber we use comes from sustainable sources.
  • Waste created by our 70,000sqft manufacturing facility is almost zero.
  • We recycle all aluminium, UPVC, timber and glass.
  • We have a Waste Carriers License – to dispose and recycle waste.

Reducing our carbon footprint

  • We encourage the use of energy-efficient products – to reduce the future demand for energy.
  • We try to minimise emissions and fuel consumption when transporting goods.
  • All vehicles are tracked to reduce number of road miles covered.
  • Company cars are powered by modern low-emission engines.
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