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Blast resistant windows

The implementation of Counter Terrorism Measures (CTM) on public and commercial buildings is becoming more important because of the increasing number of terror attacks. For architects, this means they must now look much more closely at a building to assess the likely risk of an attack and how to mitigate against any potential threat.

Successfully implementing Counter Terrorism Measures can help to prevent serious or fatal injuries in the event of an intentional or accidental blast. As experts in this field, we regularly work with architects and developers, and their retained blast consultants, to provide glazing systems to meet the required criteria.

Blast resistant windows are a relatively new hi-tech glazing solution which can prevent the pressure waves from a blast causing significant damage to an entire building and the surrounding area.

Our blast resistant windows are:

  • Used by the Ministry of Defence –from category N to E classifications
  • Made to measure - utilising PVCu and aluminium systems
  • A 13.5mm toughened glass pane within a triple glazed unit
  • Compliant with strict acoustic testing criteria imposed by UKAS labs
  • Tailored to your exact U-value requirements - high thermal performance
  • Designed to suit architectural and blast consultant requirements

Our credentials

  • EYG undertake commercial projects almost anywhere in the UK.
  • We’ve worked on multi-million-pound schemes in all sectors since 1971.
  • We boast a 100/100 Experian Credit Rating Score.
  • Reputation for delivering large-scale projects on time and budget.
  • Partner with architects, project managers and independent contractors.
  • Continual support – from design and manufacture to installation.
  • Expertise used on Crowne Plaza project at Terminal 4, Heathrow airport
  • Able to fulfil blast requirements for glazing and curtain wall areas.

To discuss your exact requirements or arrange a free on-site consultation, get in touch by email or call 0800 181 888.

Blast resistant windows
Blast resistant windows
Blast resistant windows
Blast resistant windows

Discuss your project in detail - call 0800 181888 or email info@eyggroup.com

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Discuss your project in detail - call 0800 181888 or email info@eyggroup.com

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