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Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows are the perfect solution for industrial, commercial or residential projects where there is a need to minimise the noise disturbance inside a building. Commercial acoustic windows are specifically designed to reduce all types of noise and deliver the required internal decibel levels.

It doesn’t matter whether your project is next to an airport, under a flight path, close to a road or in a city-centre location that's more likely to suffer from anti-social behaviour; commercial soundproof windows are proven to provide peace and harmony.

Our commercial soundproof windows are:

  • Guaranteed to reduce noise complaints using high-quality sound-proof glass.
  • Available in two different thicknesses of soundproof glass.
  • Made using glass technology - dampening decibels by curtailing intensity of sound waves.
  • Made-to-measure - to suit brand or architectural requirements.
  • Secured by Design compliant - can meet LPS 1175 specification.
  • Tailored to your exact U-value requirements.

Our credentials

  • EYG undertake commercial projects almost anywhere in the UK.
  • We’ve worked on multi-million-pound schemes in all sectors since 1971.
  • We boast a 100/100 Experian Credit Rating Score.
  • Reputation for delivering large-scale projects on time and budget.
  • Partner with architects, project managers and independent contractors.
  • Continual support – from design and manufacture to installation.
  • Our acoustic glazing is installed at Heathrow airport’s Premier Inn hotel.

To discuss your exact requirements or arrange a free on-site consultation, get in touch by email or call 0800 181 888.

Soundproof Windows
Soundproof Windows
Soundproof Windows

Discuss your project in detail - call 0800 181888 or email info@eyggroup.com

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Discuss your project in detail - call 0800 181888 or email info@eyggroup.com

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