Ground Floor Treatments

Creating a welcoming and stylish entrance to your commercial premises is crucial to creating that first good impression with customers.

EYG’s ground floor treatments come in a range of applications, from shop front, to entrances and ground floor framing.

Our ground floor treatments suits a range of sectors, from hospitality and, education, to retail and residential sectors.

Through the option of thermally broken screening, our ground floor treatments provide a high performance solution that is versatile and adaptable, providing designers and architects with the look and performance they require.

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The systems are available insulated, or non-insulation for display windows in shopping centres, for example.

The systems also includes non-thermal and thermally insulated solutions for commercial doors and screening. Both door options are designed for high traffic commercial environments, utilising anti-finger traps and slim profiles.

Combining performance, modern profiles, large expanses of glazing and a wide range of options and finishes, architects can create the look they wish to achieve, whether their project is low or medium rise.

Our ground floor treatments are:

  • Adaptable to suit architect’s visual and functional requirements
  • Popular with garage showrooms and retailers as shopfront windows
  • Perfect for buildings in the educational or residential sectors
  • Available with pivoted, hinged, sliding, folding or revolving openings
  • Capable of covering large expanses
  • Compliant with current Building Regulations - doors and glass screens
  • Compliant with Disability Discrimination Act - low thresholds
  • Can be Secured by Design approved - can meet LPS 1175 specification
  • Tailored to your exact U-value requirements

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