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Project management

End-to-end project management

Our team of senior project managers are on hand to ensure every part of our involvement runs as smoothly as possible, from the day a contract is signed to beyond when our specialist installers finish on site.

Work in partnership with us and we’ll ensure you have:

An initial ‘project overview’ meeting: Conducted by a senior project manager, this will establish your product requirements, our exact on-site role and your expectations.

On-site visits: An extensive visit will ensure we plan our work with you in the finest detail - reviewing everything from the products needed to the logistics of the job.

A specialist team: Every job has different challenges. We’ll select a fully-qualified team to best meet your needs and ensure we hit the relevant deadlines.

Bespoke designs, manufacturing and testing: All products designed and manufactured at our in-house facility are tested to meet the required standards (such as reduced noise levels) before being delivered to site.

A dedicated on-site supervisor: An everyday presence will oversee our installers and ensure any day-to-day issues (staffing, schedules etc) are managed appropriately.

Visits from senior project managers: We regularly visit sites to support our teams, check our clients are happy and allow any issues to be raised at a director level.

An agile response: Acting as the main point of contact, we’ll oversee things on a daily basis, reacting quickly and appropriately to any feedback or requirements.

Final site inspection: We promise to never leave a job which we are not 100% happy with – and every project is fully inspected by your contract’s senior project manager.

Ongoing support: We will make sure you’re fully satisfied with our work, provide a bespoke ‘Operations and Maintenance’ manual and deal with any ‘snags’ promptly.

Peace of mind: We are proud of our long-term commitment to clients and are rarely involved in disputes. Any product which does not meet required standards, due to our error, will be dealt with during the terms of default liability agreed within our contracts.

To discuss your exact requirements or arrange a free on-site consultation, get in touch by email or call 01482 561101 now.

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