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EYG ready to meet specialist glazing needs of ‘growing modular market’ as demand for off-site construction surges

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

EYG Commercial has been delighted to see continued demand for its specialist glazing manufacturing and installation expertise from the modular buildings sector throughout 2019.

And commercial director Steve Swallow says the firm is now well placed to meet the growing needs of the modular industry following a clear move towards ‘modern methods of construction’.

EYG established its own dedicated modular sales team two years ago having identified the sector as one it was ideally placed to supply, given it has its own manufacturing factory which is able to produce large volumes of UPVC and Aluminium windows at speed.

Having more than doubled its initial sales targets, EYG has continued to secure contracts with modular buildings suppliers to the educational, health housing and leisure sectors, including local specialists Integra Buildings and Eco Modular.

Now, Mr Swallow believes the next few years can see major growth in this area for the firm given the changes across the construction sector.

“The modular market is something we have committed to for the past 18 months to two years because we could see that we were a perfect supplier for modular building companies,” he said.

“Although modular buildings are far from a new concept, in recent times they have become much more accepted, and even an encouraged way of building due to the speed, convenience and environmental benefits they can bring.

“The educational and health sectors have long realised the benefits of modular construction as they are environments where it is often unsuitable to have live building sites around the usual day to day activities. They need to have new buildings fully constructed on sites elsewhere.

“We have seen the Department of Education saying it wants to massively increase the number of schools being built using modular construction, and the housing sector is heading the same way as modern methods of construction are increasingly favoured.”

Modular contracts remain a key focus

EYG Commercial has secured contracts on modular projects across the education, leisure, health and modular housing sectors - as well as for the Ministry of Defence – over the past 18 months.

Mr Swallow says the firm’s ability to produce large numbers of glazing units, to a high-quality, places it well in a growing market.

“I think as we move forward we’ll see an increased focus on quality also, and that is where we can make our mark as we are able to manufacture to the highest standard and still guarantee a quick turnaround to meet the demands of a much faster market than traditional construction,” he said.

“Our glazing products are approved under the Home Office’s Secured by Design standard, can be made from highest-quality aluminium and UPVC, are compliant with all current building regulations and can be tailored to meet exact U-value requirements at a quick turnaround.

“It is for those reasons that have continued to be in demand from modular buildings companies who have turned to us and it is why we see good opportunities in this area of the business in the forthcoming years.

“The modular market is an opportunity for us to replicate the success we have had supplying the traditional construction industry, in which we supply EYG manufactured windows across the UK to the residential, healthcare, educational and hotel sectors.”

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