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A quick Q&A with…Matthew Addison, Sales Rep, EYG Trade

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Matthew, how long have you worked for EYG?

This is actually my second stint with the firm as I previously worked in sales on the domestic side of the business, visiting potential customers in their homes, measuring up and making sure we met their expectations with the work we carried out on their behalf.

I left about five years ago and actually went to work for a windows supplier to the trade, which was a good insight into another area of the industry. That firm supplied everyone from sole traders to large businesses with big contracts.

Earlier this year, when I was looking for a new opportunity, the chance to return to EYG came up and it seemed the right move at the right time for me, especially to be part of the Trade sales team. I’ve enjoyed being back and I feel I’ve settled in well. It’s good to be back.

What are your daily duties?

I’m a sales rep so it’s pretty straight forward, I’m responsible for sales and bringing in new business.
That involves dealing with everyone from the white van man to small developers working on projects such as new housing developments, and also the modular sector.

However, the job is different every day. It can vary from doing the basics providing an excellent service to those who walk into our office looking for help and advice to putting together strong tenders for larger trade contracts.

Added to this we are often out on site with customers, so it’s a busy job, never boring.

Is the role of salesman pressurised – particularly in the glazing industry?

It is yes I guess, but there’s not that feeling across our trade team here. We know we have targets to meet, all businesses do, but we put pressure on ourselves to do a good job for both the business and our customers.

As salesmen we have the benefit of being from EYG. The company has an excellent, long-standing reputation.

It is known for having high-quality products, and that makes our job easier, much easier than selling for smaller companies who don’t have that reputation in place. People in the trade know we are a market leader and can provide great products for their customers.

How is the market at present?

It’s a tough market, everybody knows that, and you’ve got to understand the needs of the customer at all times.

Our advantage is being able to provide quality windows and doors at a competitive price. Our size, the relationships we have with our long-term suppliers, and having our own manufacturing facility, puts us in a great position to provide a better package to our customers. We can deliver a made to measure service with fast turnaround times.

What’s more important, a good salesman or great products?

Ooh that’s a tough one, it has to be a combination of both I guess.
You have to have excellent knowledge of your products, but also understand and read the customer as a salesman. We have great products so that is a big help.

There are, of course, some customers who are not quality driven and are price driven.
Of course, people can always look for cheaper products, in any industry. However, the businesses that can supply the customers looking for high quality products and service will always have an edge.

How’s it gone since returning to EYG?

It’s gone well. We’ve got a good trade team here with plenty of experience.
Personally I recently secured a significant contract to supply the modular industry which I was very pleased with. That’s an area locally with great potential for us to increase our work and that is something I’m looking at.

The job is enjoyable as the days fly by as we are busy. There’s always a new challenge to overcome for customers, so it keeps you thinking.

Finally, what do you do away from EYG to relax?

I am a singer in a band called Electro Void, it’s an enjoyable escape from work. Singing is something I have done for the past 20 years or so, but it comes at a price as we all have nicknames for each other here the team give me a bit of stick.

I’m affectionately known to them as ‘Boyband’.






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